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Default Re: Thank greeny for a great career...

Originally Posted by left jab danny View Post
So the guy that told us for the last 7-8 years about how he was going to turn pro and do this and that yet never had the ***** to step up is calling Danny a fraud
The only time you turned pro was when u were sucking **** at the local maccas in Albury.
You couldn't even win a state who's the fraud?? you suffer a bad case of small man syndrome Ty.
Ive told Danny on his facebook he is a fraud, i posted the quotes to him from Cunningham, he just deleted it because he knows its the truth.

Now im not sure how old you think i am but 7-8 yrs , and i defeated the ABA VIC champ in the same year as the commonwealth trials after having a 4 yr break from boxing and only ever fighting in the league. Alot of people said i was crazy and couldnt do it but there i was beating the VIC ABA Champ in the semi final.

The Fraud is Danny because he won a legit title and quit because he couldnt hang onto it and he knew this, struggled for yrs to win it and couldnt even beat Beyer, got wooped by Mundine and KNocked out by a 42 yr old Tarver haha! I knew the moment his ***** dropped and he decided to fight a REAL 200LB top 10 fighter he would have his ass handed to him! WHy else do you think he beat RJJ only to fight a sick paul briggs, fight SIaca whos not a fckn CW, and fight BJ Flores who had a padded record and had not fought in 18 months! Danny couldnt even knocK FLORES OUt, some BIG PUNCHER haha !

Your just a deluded nut sucking Bogan Green fan! Enjoy the rest of your life pal, Dannys finished~!
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