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Default UK amateurs...What are you doing in the off season to keep fit?

Afternoon Chaps,

Quick question, what are you doing in the off season to keep fit or improve fitness?

My routine is as follows:

Monday - 6 mile run with 4 hill sprints then home to do situps and press ups

Tuesday - ride to running track and do the following:
6 100 sprints, 20 burpees, 20 press ups, 20 tuck jumps, 1*400mts, 20 inside squats, 20 outside squats, 20 tuck jumps, 20 tricep dips, 40 sit ups to side, 60 leg raises, 60 leg cross overs, 1 min plank, 100 touch hill sit ups, 2 mile bike ride, 2 rounds of skipping

Go to the gym, do a four mile run with hill sprints, then a full circuit and some weight training. I try to keep my weight training to low reps high weights. I normally work on shoulders and core strength during this period.


Back over the running track for sprints and
60 situps, 40 square situps, 40 side sit ups, 20 normal press ups, 20 eagle press ups, 20 one hand infront of the other press ups, 2 mins footwork, 20 tricep dips, 40 situps through legs

Is that a good routine? What are your routines like?

I add different excercises to keep it different and if my body is aching I will switch days and rest.

I am tempted to go back to the gym full time and do weights to get stronger but I cant decide if it is worth it or if I am getting enough from one session a week.

(some of the names of those excercises are wrong as I dont know the proper names so just make them up ha!)
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