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Default Klitschko Head of Security: No Doubt Wladimir Was Poisoned Against Brewster

Yes, I know, this was years ago, and here's yet ANOTHER thread on the subject.

My belief has been that it could have been a poisoning of some sort, but that it was unlikely.
I thought it was a fluke medical event, and had really put the entire situation and any discussion
about it in the back of my mind....too far in the past to bring up.

However, after this interview I may be rethinking my belief that it was probably not a poisoning.

This is translated to English, so it's rough, but readable.

- Let's touch awkward situation with the first fight against Lamon Brewster, Vladimir. Then Klitschko in the fifth round was unexpectedly lose power and eventually lost the fight. It was believed that when Vladimir had been poisoned. It is substandard work of the team Klitschko?

- With a not remove the blame for that situation. But I can state with full responsibility that the more similar will never happen again. While I was working alone - without a buddy. I myself could not imagine how much can be insidious and dangerous side of the opponent. But after that incident we have done everything to avoid similar future cases.

- Are you sure that Volodya then really poisoned?

- I'm in no doubt about it. Look at the actions of Vladimir in the battle, and you'll soon all will become clear.

- Most of the poisoning was interested Vladimir Don King?

- We have only circumstantial evidence. Without evidence, I can not poke your finger into it. But I can tell you that from Don King just blows negative.
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