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Default Re: T-shirt celebrating tarver's tko of danny green

He is just upset that when i was brushing shoulders with Mundine back in his prime, he was slagging the guy off and Mundine didnt know who he was lol, it wasnt until he sucked up the guys ass giving him DVDs of fighters from my site that he changed his tune, thing is you can buy this guys soul easly, sht on the world and he will still love you long time. Nader Hamdan is a classic example, Billly Hussein etc, he seens no wrong they do or anyone else he knows for that matter.

The interview was the first online one Mundine did, some people just get Jellouse, but the audio was ****, didnt use a directional mic so it picked up all the background noise in the cafe, i didnt spend any money to fix it, it was going to cost me 800$ to have it sub titled so i did it myself, it took me a few days.
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