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Default Re: Klitschko Head of Security: No Doubt Wladimir Was Poisoned Against Brewster

Originally Posted by Nay_Sayer View Post
What became of Wlad's post fight urine and blood tests?
Originally Posted by FJAY360 View Post
Come on guys every fighter has a urine test after every fight, had Wlad been drugged something would have shown up. What happened is Wlad fought at a pace he couldn't keep up with and tired himself out, it has happened before --

They were destroyed by the lab (even though it was against lab policy) when Klitschko requested to have some of the samples tested by an independant lab. Excerpt in detail below in red

Scoop Malinowski wrote an article titled "Was Klitschko-Brewster Corrupted" and re-printed a letter from Klitschko's attorney Judd Burstein who wrote to United States Attorney Daniel G. Bogden.

Link to the article which includes 4 or 5 other suspicious events including the betting in vegas and missing Klitschko camp credentials (even though photo ID is needed) before the fight.

excerpt regarding the tests which were destroyed...

Out of concern for Mr. Klitschko, he was taken to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (“UMC”) after the bout. At that time, blood and urine samples were taken from Mr. Klitschko.

On April 11, the next day, in order to ensure that he would have an opportunity to ascertain the truth, Mr. Klitschko arranged for additional blood and urine samples to be taken at Quest Diagnostics (“Quest’). Mr. Klitschko’s team made it emphatically clear that they wanted the blood and urine specimens preserved so that they could be tested by an independent doctor of Mr. Klitschko’s choosing.

On April 14, 2004, both UMC and Quest were sent appropriate medical authorizations, signed by Mr. Klitschko, requesting that his medical records, including his blood and urine specimens, be sent to noted physician, Dr. Robert Voy. Dr. Voy is a former physician for the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the former President of USA Boxing, the body that governs amateur and Olympic boxing in the United States. Further, over the next ten days, representatives of Mr. Klitschko left numerous messages at Quest and UMC reinforcing the requests for the blood and urine specimens.

Significantly, on information and belief, Quest has a policy of retaining blood and urine specimens for seven (7) days after testing, and UMC has a policy of retaining blood specimens for ten (10) days after testing. Hence, according to Quest and UMC policies, all of the blood and urine samples were in existence on April 14, when Quest and UMC received the medical authorization forms signed by Mr. Klitschko. Similarly, according to those same policies, the blood and urine should have been retained by Quest until April 18, and the blood should have been retained by UMC until April 20. As noted, during the period between April 14 and April 20, there were numerous communications between Mr. Klitschko’s representatives and both Quest and UMC requesting that the blood and urine specimens be preserved and sent to Dr. Voy.

Incredibly, though, all of the specimens, with the exception of one milliliter of urine (too small an amount to permit meaningful testing), had been destroyed by UMC and Quest. To date, no rational explanation has been presented for this failure to deliver the specimens which UMC and Quest had in their possession at the time Mr. Klitschko requested that they be transferred to Dr. Voy. Of course, there are a number of possible explanations, some innocent, for what occurred. However, one of those possible explanations - and an eminently reasonable one - is that those specimens were destroyed in order to hide the truth of what happened to Mr. Klitschko.
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