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Default Re: Klitschko Head of Security: No Doubt Wladimir Was Poisoned Against Brewster

Originally Posted by Boom1989 View Post
Answer me one question: How am I, as a reasonable man and genuine boxing fan, supposed to take Klitschko fans seriously when you continue to behave the way you do?
And what exactly is that behavior?

I clearly stated that my belief, up until this interview, has been that it was a fluke medical event.

Secondly, as others have said, is it really out of the realm of possibility that Don King, a convicted murderer, could possibly poison someone?

Remember, the Klitschko brothers turned down a $100 million offer from King to fight each other, and also when they were first turning pro, they visited King at his house, but refused to sign with him.

You don't think King would be a bit bitter from that? You don't think King would want to keep the belt away from either Klitschko, and possibly go to a drastic measure to do so?

I'm not saying that this is certainly what happened. But I think to dismiss the possibility would be a mistake.

And for those that think a poisoning is still out of the question, that those kinds of things don't really happen, just ask the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, about that.
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