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I think you should try to focus less on numbers and more on quality/intensity over a round. It is counter productive to try to mentally count punches while trying to go all out digging body shots on a bag. Just focus on good form, decent output, and digging the bag from bell to bell.

Is that 190 per round? 190 punches is nice, but if they were pitty pat shots it won't help you much. The number isn't the goal. The quality/intensity is. Remember, throwing punches comes at the cost of stamina. If you threw 190 and only 10 where quality? That means that 180 shots just sapped your strength. In that case, more is actually less.

Then you are doing this over 10 rounds. Good for the cardio, but do you plan to be in a 10 round fight? Nope. So it would be better to focus on the MAXIMUM intensity for 3-4 rounds, take a break, then round out with the cardio, but you will probably be too gassed.
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