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Default Re: Klitschko vs. Adamek: Tomasz’s only hope is to just try and survive!

Originally Posted by JETSKI View Post
Well, the article is so biased that Adamek has no chance at all.

Which really isn't the case. Adamek does have a chance, no matter how small. He's gonna have a gameplan, & if its cobstructed correctly & Adamek executes, he just might make this a boxing match. He has to fight the smartest fight of his life. Avoid getting nailed with a big VK bomb & land burst's of combo's & get outta town on his bike. Constantly be on the move,giving him angles & try to make him miss & then make him pay.

Tomasz is a smart fighter. He'll need to muster up Enstein-like intelligence on Sept. 10th.

Boxing is not all POWER. Gene Tunney was one of the best HW's ever & that man was an intellectual in the ring.

Adamake has a chance. Thats all I'm saying...
All i'm saying, is despite being old at age 40, the only man in the whole division who can beat Vitali right now is younger brother Wlad.
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