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Default Re: Klitschko vs. Adamek: Tomasz’s only hope is to just try and survive!

Originally Posted by JETSKI View Post
Tomasz is a smart fighter. He'll need to muster up Enstein-like intelligence on Sept. 10th.

Boxing is not all POWER. Gene Tunney was one of the best HW's ever & that man was an intellectual in the ring.

Adamake has a chance. Thats all I'm saying...
I didn't quote your whole post because the top portion was true. But Adamek is NOT really a smart HW. He readily trades with bigger guys, and has paid for it. Yes, he's beaten Grant, Arreola, and McBride to the punch. He was supposed to do that with his superior speed, but he stays inside too long and gets caught like he aint supposed to do.

I love Adamek, TONS AND TONS of heart and grit, but he should be down at 200 making Tarver, Cunningham, Huck and rest eat his fists, not up at HW almost getting KTFO by the likes of Grant and McBride.

Had Grant fought from the opening bell, we wouldn't be seeing anymore of Tomazs at HW, and Grant would already have been KOd by a Brother.
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