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Default Re: Trout gets caught out! Mundine was telling the Truth!

im almost tempted to join in lol ^ good one but to be seriouse m8, its all about money, if it dont make money then it dont make cents. Still if Trout is so confident why the 1 fight option ontop of a rematch?

Taver vs Green, rematch clause as in all contracts, however no additonal fight option. Do you think Green or Tarver would have taken the fight if either one wanted exclusive rights on a one fight option if they won the title from the other guy? Neither Tarver nor green would agree to such a thing so why is it that Mundine should now become a mug and agree to this ****?

Giving it good thought then i do think to myself, well he says he is good, blah blah, he should just BOWL over the addtional fighter right? well its not about that, its about the $$$$$$

Mundine isnt boxing for free, he is boxing for $$$$ the same reason Danny fights Siaca and Briggs and fighters we havent seen for 18 months in BJ Flores, it makes $$$$. He wins the title he milks it just like Danny did but he has a legit one to milk he wont be able to milk for long as the mandatory will come up. Unlike fck**** Green we have had to put up with for the past 2 yrs parading around his IBO strap calling out hopkins.

Its not all sunshine and roses girls. tough decisions need to be made and alot of them are bussiness based decisions, thats half the problem in boxing today and is what is fcking it up good and proper.
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