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Default Re: UK amateurs...What are you doing in the off season to keep fit?

Originally Posted by myboxingcoach View Post
Hey Red Boy (I hope you're not a Liverpool fan

I always try to encourage boxers to work on their core skills development during off-season, with a basic core level of fitness being maintained. Why is it good to focus on skills development? Well, during the season we can often get caught up in the fight circuit, where you are never more than a few weeks away from an opponent trying to remove your head from your shoulders, so every second in the gym matters. In the off-season the pressure is off, a prefect time to kick back and develop your skills.

Check out the link below for lots of video-based ideas on your core skills, any questions, post them back here and I'll try my best to respond:

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I have increased my shadow boxing as I wasnt getting enough of that in. Along with hill sprints I would say shadow boxing is the hardest thing im doing at the moment, it is so tiring.

And no im not a liverpool fan haha

Interested in developing the right uppercut, been working on that quite a bit since Last friday.
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