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Default Re: UK amateurs...What are you doing in the off season to keep fit?

Originally Posted by red boy View Post
I have increased my shadow boxing as I wasnt getting enough of that in. Along with hill sprints I would say shadow boxing is the hardest thing im doing at the moment, it is so tiring.

And no im not a liverpool fan haha

Interested in developing the right uppercut, been working on that quite a bit since Last friday.
Phew, that's a relief. I put up with enough Liverpool fans in the gym lol.

The right uppercut is about as technically challenging a shot that we try to throw. I've done 6 videos on uppercuts, left and right at short/mid and long range. Here's a link to the mid-range right uppercut, maybe it will help you out.

Right Uppercut at mid-range

Skills development is an absolute must my mate, make sure you keep striving to become a more complete, technical fighter

Good Luck

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