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Default Re: Distance awareness

I think there is a little bit of murkiness in your request. There are two kinds of finding range in Boxing. One is a more of a skill. One is more of a gift. Both can be improved with practice, but only the skill should be relied upon.

The skill is knowing when a guy is in YOUR punching range and keeping him there, i.e., not too far and not too close. That just comes practicing and knowing your personal distance. This can be improved on the bag establishing maximum effective punching range/arm extension and training there. On the mitts with movement and firing. In shadow Boxing training for maximum extension. In sparring using the lessons learned. Once you know exactly when YOU can hit a guy? You now have your range.

The "gift" is knowing when a guy can/can't reach you. That is an ability to look at punches coming with steel nerves, a calm soul, and adjust until just slightly out of range or slipping after the opponent has committed to the shot. That is a gift. You either can do it or you can't. I also would not suggest relying on it. Guys like Toney, Ali, Pep, Martinez, etc... were blessed with that ability. It falls under the "That Dude" theory. If you are asking about things "That Dude" does? You are not him.
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