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Default Re: Wayneflint (taekwondo) vs Charlie Z (boxing)

Originally Posted by wayneflint View Post
Sprawler ive gotta say i knew i could press your buttons a bit but i didnt think it would be this easy. and i didnt expect you to take it this far.. or to get so upset. clearly these forums mean a lot and are very important to you, lol.

You just dont have a clue what your talking about, its obviouse to everyone now so just create a new avatar and then a few guys might still take your ****e advice once in a while then. i can tell youve never been in a fight and dont spar by how your stupid little mind pictures a fight to be, you havent a clue, period.

One minute your saying kicks are everything and lead to inevitable K.O's whenever used in a fight (only by you though it seems), now your saying if someone kicks in a fight it means you automatically can beat them because of it?..

wow, it must be fun, sat up in your bedroom on your computer with all your friends.. having all these imaginary title bouts in your head, 'oh well mayweather would just jab so i would beat him with a leg kick, sorted, im p4p world champ'.

Sorry sprawler, doesnt work like that. talking *******s to try and explain away valid, known points just so you can try and bluff your way to some kind of an imaginary, virtual, forums victory against anyone online doesnt make you experienced at martial arts, you are exactly what martial arts isnt or shouldnt be about. giving stupid, false information that will get others hurt just to feel special about being you.

Just for the record, i never posted anything about muay thai kicks being inferior to TKD kicks, thats just dribble thats why he didnt and never does quote me directly. ive done both TKD and MT so i have no reason to be biased about it unlike you sprawla.

All i said was that MT kicks are often more economical and dont require as much conditioning to master, thats the whole point in the muay boran principles.. YOU arguing with this tells me and everyone who's ever done MT that youre full of **** and have never practiced MT at a reputable MT gym, fact.
Muay boran was for live combat, if you lost your weapon you only have so much energy, you dont know how long you might be fighting, so only the most functional/economical kicks/strikes and movements are used in muay boran, you kick with the shins and use elbows because often they would have to strike through armour and would break the smaller bones in their feet and hands if they where to strike with them, the fact that you read that post of mine and took it as me saying TKD kicks are better than MT kicks proves for one that you are very, very stupid and cant understand a simple post. and two that youve never done MT at a reputable gym and arent firmiliar with its culture or background.. funny that for the leg kicking, MT legend such as yourself. ye right, maybe played thai boxer on the bags at a local leisure centre or in some MMA class, but it is NOT the same thing, lol.

Now that this bull**** is all cleared up, someone just close this stupid, pointless thread already, before other trolls realise they can post garbage up on the training section that will remain there for people to view for days.

i only read the first 2 lines, i cant stand to read any more of your dribble but you aint pushing my buttons. Im taking the **** out of your cos your a joke hahahah taekwondo *****

I can beleive you just wrote a whole novel in response, which i didnt bother to read, looks like im getting to you. You even edited just to make it sound right. hahaha

just admit taekwondo is a *****es sport and i wont pick on you any more
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