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Default Re: 1975 Manila Muhammad Ali VS 1988 Michael Tyson

Originally Posted by Foreman Hook View Post
The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle!

A 33 year old Ali of Manila, fighting a young 21 year old Tyson of Atlantic City, And this Superfight is in teh mecca of boxing Madison Square Garden in New York, for teh unified titles. Ali was 8 yrs past-prime in teh Thrilla, But he did TKO a relentless Smokin Joe. Will this Ali KO this Tyson? Ali has stamina, strength, heart, chin, toughness, ring iq, height, reach, weight advantages. Tyson has only speed And power advantages. Fight is only 12 Rounds, cos Tyson never did fight 15 Rounds in his life. Does Ali make Tyson get gassed extra quick, by leaning on him And pushing down proper hard on his chunky neck?? Will Ali keep Tyson safely on teh outside And off-balance with his long jab, like Douglas did? Does Ali win psychologically before teh fight with his baiting, taunts, verbal-bullying, mindgames And v.nasty insults?? I did guess a few funny things what Ali could say to mentally dent Tyson.

'I'm gonna jab, jab, jab that ghetto thug, till he looks like a ugly pug!'

'It's gonna be a corker, when i get the gangster, calling himself a New Yorker!'

'I'm gonna show that big dumb ape, there ain't nothing funny about ****!'

'I will be the mugger, when i fight that slugger!'

1975 Ali, 225lbs, 6'3, 80inch reach


1988 Tyson, 216lbs, 5'10, 71inch reach

Foreman Hooooooooooooook!
I love the Ali rhymes,Hook

1975 was Ali's last year of greatness in the ring. He had enough left at this point,imo,to frustrate,outbox and eventually ko a prime Tyson. It would be very competitive for the first six rounds or so,but Tyson eventually gets frustrated,then outboxed,then get exhausted and would get rescued by the referee somewhere around the tenth.

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