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Default Re: weight training in boxing...

Hi guys, my name is Kenny and I'm new to the forum.

I've been a strength and conditioning trainer for many years and have trained boxers, mma athletes and typical athletes. I've been weight training for 27 years since age 12, working out with boxing equipment (bags, ropes) since age 16. My brothers boxed so I was always around it. If anyone is familiar with the Westbury, Long Island PAL and Pete Brodsky, Tommy Maloy (trainers).

Weight training is something that has been setting apart fighters for many many years now and yes, you should do it. There are some types of training that can be detrimental and of course, boxing skill should be priority when it comes to boxing.

With that said, any resistance that you can not move from point A to point B very rapidly and/or fast will be counter productive. For example, the bench press; if you are dealing with resistance that is so heavy that you press it slowly, not explosively, that can be counter productive if done too much.

One person mentioned neuromuscular facilitation.... Very good!!! Nerves innervate muscles and yes they do adapt to a pattern. Your movements must be explosive, FULL range and specific, not sloppy.

During the set, at each 2 rep range or so, you should mentally say to yourself, "checkpoint", and that means get your pattern correct, your bodyposition, your speed and not progressively go through a set if it is sloppy and out of control.

Rarely should machines be used!! Balance is one of the key benifits to free weight training....Olympic lifters have great balance.....if you don't have balance in boxing or any sport, you will fall apart and waste lots of energy.

If you don't incoorporate weight training, you should will bring you to the next level, but it must be the right way.

This is an AWESOME board and I'm glad I finally signed up.

Dempsey, Evander, Hearns, Leonard some of my best, among many more of course.... Also, I gotta say Buster Douglas....that's right, because not only did he show exceptional skills in the Tyson fight but he over came what other fighters could not....the power of fear and the unknown.... Tyson was amazing, but lots of fighters got beaten because they were beaten by the hype and Douglas over came that and took enormous bombs to end the fight beautifully. For that one fight display he goes down as pretty high in my book. I don't think many could have beaten that day, with that skill.

Take care.
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