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Default Re: Wanderlei vs Crocop - Brutal fight

Originally Posted by Iron Duke
Thats a shame.....I like Wanderlei and I dislike Chuck.
If Wand gets knocked out for the 3rd time in a row...he should just retire, even at the age of 30.
Get into training or something.
I disagree... when you consider that his knockouts would have come to Cro-Cop in an open weight fight, Henderson who is a bad ass and holds two pride titles, and then Chuck Liddell who is know for turning out people's lights. I don't think that his losses have ruined him, as he has been knocked out and beaten before. I think that people have started to read his wide punching and counter him off of it. He needs to tighten up his game.

Three losses in a row is never good.... but not so bad when you see who they came from. If he loses against Chuck, he will simply have to work his way back into the mix. He still has two brutal victories over Rampage.
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