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Default Strength training questions

Hi there, before I give the question, I'll put a little bit of background on my weekly training routine:
I go to my gym 3 times a week where I focus on boxing skills and some cardio (bike riding or rowing machine) and do my strength and conditioning workouts at home on the days in between.

My first workout involves about 10x50m sprints up a pretty steep hill, about 80 burpees stretched out over 30sec intervals with 30sec break in between, Jump squats in intervals, 3 Wall sits and some core work

The second and third workouts involve purely strength, in which I do:
Pull ups - 7-8-9
Chin ups - 6-7-8
close grip chin ups - 4-5-6
Hammer grip pull ups -5-5-5
Decline knuckle push ups -11-11-13

I do a mixture of shadow boxing and skipping to warm up before each workout.

Although I am aware of the benefits of weight training, I'd rather not get into it yet since I am happy with bodyweight workouts. However, I do think that progressing with the amount of reps in each set is going to be superfluous in a while so I am considering upping the intensity by having extra weight by putting dumbell weights in a little sack and performing the exercises with that on. Which brings me to my questions:
What rep range should I keep the exercises in if I am introducing weights?
Should I follow the weight training range of 3-5?
Should the weight be enough so that I am struggling to finish my last set?

Thanks for taking the time to look at my thread and feel free to critique my workout in any way that you think is appropriate since I am hungry for new knowledge.
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