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Default Re: Samil Sam - McCall

Originally Posted by NBT
Well, depends for how many rounds the fight would be scheduled. Of course Solis would win a 4 rounder but I can't see why McCall would agree to that because that takes away all his strengths, would be pure lunacy. He obviously isn't at this stage of his career yet, where he sells himself as a trialhorse for up-and-comers. And Solis can't win in a 10 or 12 rounder against McCall right now, you can bet your money on that.

Obviously I have seen the fight, and Sam's performance was a disgrace. If you don't like the truth, that's your problem. Look at the pictures of the fat guy for god's sake.
Haha! Good point,nbt!
Lets say 6 rounds!
Props to McCall for his victory over Sam who fought in his backyard.I for my part thought that Sam would be good enough to win a point decision against that old geezer.McCall proved me wrong.Anyway! I am not sold at all on McCall.He looked horrible and pathetic against Gomez who fought on the undercard of Sam vs McCall.Gomez easily outboxed his slow opponent dominating the second three parts of his encounter with McCall.Then he was running out of gas,and McCall had some good moments,too.
A pity that Gomez prefers partying to sweating in a gym.God has blessed him with so much talent,and the lazy Cuban is wasting it with open eyes.
However, I still hope that Gomez will get a shot at a world title.He deserves one despite his personal weaknesses.He has defeated quite a bunch of good names in his career.
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