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Default Disappointed in Brewster's effort

I was expecting Brew to try a couple of different things. First brew promised to make it a fight, since he is a fighter and wlad is a boxer. Other than 1 push down in rd 1 brew did very little rough housing or inside work. I really expected him to try and work the body. A really tough fighter might cause wlad some problems. When the torpedo Holy headbutts wlad we will see.

Brew seemed to be mentally out of the fight after round 1. He didn't win one round on anyones card. Was it Wlad's awsome defense or was it lack of desire on brew's part?

I think it was lack of desire on Brew's part. He had no fire tonight, no motivation and threw almost no meaningful punches. It reminded me of the Brewster that turned up versus Meehan(who got robbed) not the brewster who showed up against golota.
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