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Default Re: the six small meals a day bull****

Originally Posted by Boxinglad123 View Post
More frequent meals are certainly necessary for athletes training frequently. You need to be able to fit meals around your training/recovery.
While I think that there needs to be a more explicit separation of dietary advice to athletes and non-athletes, it's my understanding that there are a number of MMA guys currently using a fasting type protocol. Of course many boxers in the past have also used the one meal a day during training, the most famous being Rocky Marciano - which is interesting because he didn't need to cut weight.

It is personal, but for my money as an average guy who just wants to stay lean while retaining or slowly increasing muscle mass - daytime fasting makes much more sense.

I think the average bloke is overwhelmed by constant eating, often lethargic from being in a constant state of digestion.

The use of the word bull**** was probably unnecessary but it does my head in to hear the frequent meals = high metabolism mantra constantly repeated when it has been disproven time after time in peer reviewed research.
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