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Default Do these Klitschko HATERS feel SHAME?

I realize the haters who try to denounce every Klitschko victory know they are full of shiat, but don't they feel any shame? Are these the same people who made excuses when they lost a game of tic-tac-toe in grade school?

Could it possibly be that many of Klitschko's opponents are simply overwhelmed by his clearly dominant skill and power? way!

Klitschko-Brewster II showed that the first fight was a fluke. Not only was Klitschko remotely tired after 6 rounds, but he was turning it up more and more as fight passed.

It's too bad the fans were deprived of witnessing how badly Lamon was going to be bleeding from every orifice on his body by round 10. Brewster quit because he knew lightning wasn't going to strike twice.

So, have the haters thought up excuses for the rest of the fighters in the division after they fight and lose to Klitschko?

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