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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

byrd v oquendo (need to note how terrible this video quality is)

1: 10-9 quite an easy round to score as it was mostly fres running away, getting backed into the ropes and getting occassionally tagged.
2: 10-9 another easy round for byrd. fres landed a couple of decent counters but for the most part he was backed up against the ropes being tagged.
3: 10-9 closer round with fres starting to let his hands go more, but he left it a bit too late as he was mostly being backed up by byrd's jab.
4: 9-10 good round for oquendo as he picks up where he left off, seemingly denied a clear kd also.
5: 9-10 round began quite evenly matched but fres's combos took him clearly ahead for the last minute of the round.
6: 10-9 better round by byrd as he tightens up his defence and lands some good clean shots as well as backing up fres.
7: 9-10 oquendo has his timing back and catches byrd with the better shots for me.
8: 9-10 oqunedo goes back to looking scrappy with plenty of clinching and headbutts.fres outjabs byrd in this round.
9: 9-10 some good shots landed by oquendo this round who clearly has too much speed for byrd but often fights negatively.
10: 10-9 another terrible scrappy round with byrd landing the slight cleaner shots.
11: 10-9 a very close round with both guys landing good shots, I give byrd the edge on ring generalship.
12: 10-9 another close round but the better shots seem to be coming from Byrd's direction.


note: I can't believe how frustrated I am at Fres in this fight. at times he looked brilliant, outspeeding Byrd and beating him defensively. At other times he looked scrappy and amatuerish fighting more like john ruiz then ruiz himself did. Last round could have gone either way so I can see this being a draw also. To reward Fres with a victory for this performance seems a little off to me, but maybe due to degraded video he landed better shots than I could credit him for. Had Fres openend up more I'm convinced he's have swept a wide decision, I can't see Byrd having the power to knock him out. Obviously history shows he went for ruiz instead of a rematch and did get knocked out.
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