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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Golota v Byrd

1: 10-9 golota in complete control already dominating behind the jab.
2: 9-10 excellent boxing by byrd in this round, parrying, slipping, blocking, timing, countering, superb stuff.
3: 9-10 close round, byrd starts getting ****y against the ropes and takes some shots, but for the most part he makes golota look slow and clumsy whilst tagging him.
4: 10-9 much better by golota who nullifies byrd's attack and defence by keeping him pinned on the rope for the full round.
5: 10-9 closer round with byrd moving much better but still getting trapped on the ropes shipping good body shots.
6: 9-10 good stuff by byrd who lets himself get trapped on the ropes again but produces top quality defence and counter punching to completely outland golota.
7: 10-9 golota catches byrd with too many shots to give him a clear round.
8: 9-10 good round by Byrd, defending brilliantly for the most part and landing some good speedy counters.
9: 9-10 another good round by byrd who defends and counters brilliantly again. very impressed with his efforts tonight.
10: 10-9 good round by golota controlling with his staright punches walking byrd down and backing him up.
11: 9-10 good finish by golota but the first 2:30 were controlled by byrd's defence and clean punching.
12: 10-9 good final round by both men trading shots with golota landing some monster rights.

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