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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Devon Alexander-Lucas Matthysse

Round 1- Alexanders round. Just totally outboxes and outworks the Argentinean. Turns him beautifully in spots, really works the jab.

Round 2- Mattysshe's round, close. Alexander sticks with what wins him the first, but Lucas starts to cut the ring, time some solid rights, and keeps the pressure on the body. Alexander really seems to wilt in the last thirty seconds, and Matthysse really seizes it by going downstairs hard.

Round 3- Alexander's round, big. He uses his feet very well in this round, stays right at his preferred range, and just works. The difference in speed shows up very noticeably, and on quite a few occasions, Devon makes Matthysse miss with three or four and jams his left hand down the pipe, hard.

Round 4- Matthysse, knockdown and big round on top. Matthysse opens the round with a perfectly time right hand that catches Alexander as he tries to turn away, putting him down clean. Alexander is trying to fight with a stick and move approach, but Lucas just barges ahead like a juggernaught and spends the whole round whacking Devon hard with right hands. Alexander NOT comfy in there.

Round 5- Alexander's round, clear. Lucas tries to stay in front of Alexander, bringing his pressure and his right hand, but he makes himself a target and Devon hits him quite a bit. Alexander still looks uncomfortable, but his response to the pressure is to throw and throw, and Matthysse isn't landing enough back in the fifth.

Round 6- Matthysse's round, close. Matthysse does the same thing, but this time with higher hands and more punches, and its having an effect. He doesn't miss a ton, and his right hand's and uppercuts, body and head, are teaming up nicely with his persistance and running Alexander ragged. Alexander throws fast flurries to deter Matthysse, and lands, but his punches are to fend off a predator, whereas Matthysse's are thudding and damaging, edging him the round.

Round 7- Matthyse's round, huge and dominant. Alexander is absolutely cracking under the pressure and the punishment- His legs look to be weakening, his head is no longer moving, and Lucas spends virtually the whole three minutes punching hard and landing solidly. The damage is beginning to mount, to the point where it appears the wheels are about to come off Alexander's cart. Him standing up without wobbling under the onslaught saves this from being a 10-8 round.

Round 8- Matthysse's round, big. Alexander's descent continues, and the power that is behind his punchers is beginning to waver. Matthysse stands in front of the weakening Alexander, throws, lands, shrugs off whatever Alexander can muster back, and throws more. His foot movement is actually quite solid, as he is consistently in front of Alexander, in position to punch hard, and the damage and persistent threat is running Devon ragged.

Round 9- Alexander's round, big. Devon adjusts his gameplan, relying less on movement in this round and more on turning Matthysse, and it pays off: With his feet planted more when he punches, his flurries actually pack a little bit of steam now, and Matthysse is suddenly getting hit and not simply walking through it. He devolves a bit to chasing a spinning Alexander around looking for big rights, which Alexander easily times and avoids. Matthysse regains some composure late in the round and goes back to the body, but Alexander lands upstairs as he does, and clinches his best round since the third.

Round 10- Matthysse's round, clear. Alexander comes out looking to have a big round with big punches, and promptly stands and trades for most of the round trying to connect big, and gets outworked and outbrawled in the process. He lacks the firepower to win that sort of fight, and is beat from corner to corner throughout the round.

I scored this fight 96-93 for Matthysse, and I don't think it was particularly close or hard to score. Alexander simply didn't win-His gameplan failed miserably, he got beat up and ran ragged, he got dropped, and he failed to land many shots of note all night.

This was a bad decision.

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