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Default Re: On A Scale Of One To Ten, How Important Is Lifting Weights?

Originally Posted by aramini View Post
I honestly believe if you look at guys who fought before real weight lifting permeated the sport (leonard, camacho, whitaker,pryor) you will find they were much quicker of hand than guys their size nowadays and tired a bit less even late. Their opponents looked quicker, too. When I had a travelling job and didn't really lift for three years the things I noticed where that my range of motion was excellent when I sparred and that my hand speed was way way way better than I remembered. Then I started lifting again seriously and I think its back to the same somewhat limited range of motion, heavy thudding blows, slightly less fluidity, but still quick, just relatively slower and a need to conserve my punches IMO.

How many reps per set did you do. What methods did you use. The body responds differently to different approaches to weight lifting. There is no "weight lifting" in general. If you are lifting heavy weight explosively with band and chain weight(westside principles) you will find no loss in speed.
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