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Default Re: Holyfield or tyson?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Holyfield achieved more for me, close but clear.

Tyson is the more formidable head to head fighter.

I rank Holyfield ahead, but Tyson not far behind. Wouldn't argue the reverse if you thought Tyson came clear ahead, but I've heard people put him ahead in rank and admit they are virtually even. In that case, I believe head to head RESULTS have to be the tie breaker, and Holyfield beat Tyson twice.

Thats his edge in a close argument.
Valid opinion as that's exactly how I used to split them.

Today tho i've decided that mike gets the edge on h2h skills because he was a truly dominant champ who cleared up, I don't think holyfield ever was as good as peak tyson.
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