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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
McCline v Byrd

1: 10-9 not much between them but Jameel looked like the ring general in there whilst byrd did very little.
2: 10-8 good knockdown scored by jameel at the bell after sustained pressure.
3: 10-9 good start to the round by mccline but seems to punch himself out a bit.
4: 9-10 better by Byrd as jameel looks slow and lethargic.
5: 9-10 another good round by byrd who controls from the outside, jameel has sporadic success but not enough to win a round.
6: 9-10 similar to the last round with byrd on top for the most part limiting jameel to sporadic scuccesses.
7: 9-10 good round by byrd landing lots of clean shots on a the slow pondering mccline.
8: 9-10 the pattern continues with byrd landing lots of shots that finally loked to be taking their toll on big time by the end of the round.
9: 9-10 another close but clear round for byrd who is just much too fast for big time mccline
10: 10-9 better round for jameel who is able to make the round a s****py match of strength which obviously favours his size and frame.
11: 9-10 much better by Byrd whio dominates jameel behind his blazing combinations.
12: 9-10 another Byrd round as he completely,outclasses Mcline at times landing 3 or 4 punches to his 1.

I watched this fight yesterday and had the exact same score. I thought about scoring the 12th 10-8. Byrd was just totally on top the whole time, landed so much. Do you think it's reasonable?
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