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Default Re: On A Scale Of One To Ten, How Important Is Lifting Weights?

Originally Posted by vonLPC View Post

What are your thoughts on overhead pressing movements in general for athletic training? I have read some athletic trainers who believe it to be overrated and unnecessary, and yet of course there are so many benefits.

Also, do you prefer to train snatches/cleans with say 50-60% maximal weight or 85-90%, thus slowing down the movement. What do you feel is more appropriate for a speed strength sport such as boxing?
I think overhead pressing movements can only be a good thing, along with the muscular balance and strength they can provide to the shoulders they engage the stabilising muscles helping to prevent injuries. Helps with balance, proprioception and core strength aswell.

If the lifter is very proficient at the lifts I'd say more towards that 85-90% range as you still have to move very quickly. Plyometrics I think would be more beneficial for working the pure velocity side of things. You might find some differing opinions and you'd still get great benefits from doing the lifts with less weight. If a boxer is doing olympic lifts in any form then he's already ahead of the pack imo.
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