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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by Kalasinn View Post
Golota-Ruiz '04

Round 1: Ruiz 10-9

Round 2: Golota 10-8 (Ruiz down)

Round 3: Even 10-10 (Soley a hugging & rabbit-punching round!)

Round 4: Golota 10-9

Round 5: Golota 10-9

Round 6: Golota 10-9

Round 7: Golota 10-9

Round 8: Golota 10-9

Round 9: Ruiz 10-9

Round 10: Even 10-10 (Ruiz down a second before the bell, but performed better in the round)

Round 11: Ruiz 10-9

Round 12: Ruiz 10-9

Total: Golota 116-113
Golota v Ruiz
1: 9-10 good round for ruiz who swarms golota making him look quite useless. never hurting the big man but nullifying his attack totally.
2: 10-7 beautiful first kd for golota with a counter right, 2nd looks a bit dubious but the ref calls it.
3: 10-9 very s****py close round, better punches seemed to come from golota.
4: 10-9 horrible round to watch with again the better work coming from andrew.
5: 9-10 ruiz spoils all of golota's attack landing some decent clean shots.
6: 10-9 again ruiz tries to nullify golota's attack but ships a couple of decent shots.
7: 9-10 another close round but ruiz landed some good body shots and spoiled most of golota's work.
8: 10-9 golota out strengths ruiz when he tries clinching and still gets his shots off.
9: 9-10 good work by ruiz who goes back to swarm rather than hug and gets some nice shots in.
10: 10-8 ruiz was fighting good this round but not enough to negate a kd.
11: 10-9 golota fighting well behind the jab catching ruiz when he comes in to hug.
12: 9-10 good last round by ruiz who lands some good inside shots and some good counter shots on golota.
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