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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Froch v Dirrell

1: 9-10 good round for andre, standing his ground in the centre and outjabbing Froch for the majority of the round.
2: 9-10 another tactical round much closer but the clean shots came from andre with a great double counter left hook.
3: 9-10 tough round to score, froch's agression wasn't effective but Dirrell's defence was overly negative. Froch was clearly the ring general but the emphasis is on clean effective punches and it's undoubted who landed the more of those.
4: 10-9 much better by froch who starts to actually defend with something other than his chin.
5: 9-10 dirrell goes back to countering froch's shots with greater effectiveness thus landing better punches throughout the fight.
6: 10-9 much better round for Froch, setting his attack up behind the jab and cutting the ring off much better.
7: 10-9 Froch closes the distance with some good inside work completely taking dirrell out of his comfort zone and probably just edges the shot count with a clear advantage from being the ring general.
8: 10-9 close round, both land big shots on each other but the inside work is much more even. Froch gets the nod for ring generalship.
9: 9-10 much better round byr dirrell who barely takes a punch in the first 2 minutes whilst landing some solid hard counter shots.
10: 9-9 dirrell outboxes and outpunches froch with crisp accurate shots, more willing to trade now. loses a point for clinching or headbutting, not sure.
11: 9-10 andre again lans really good clean shots and looks a class above froch at this point.
12: 9-10 closer round, but again the better work is coming from andre.

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