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Default Re: Gracies

George Gracie was the orginal guy!
You don't hear the name Gracie much more in Scotland do we? infact if we did we would consider it odd as were used to associating the name with Brazil.

I wonder if Britain will ever do well in MMA?
I hope so but there doesn't seem to be that starting base for MMA fighters.

America has wrestling,South America has BJJ, Asia has Muay Thai,Judo and Eastern Europe has Sambo and Western Europe has kickboxing and when i say western europe I really mean Holland.

After about 130 years after the creation of boxing, Britain is only now starting to dominate it and have good fighters in all weight divisions.
I hope it wont take that long in the MMA world.

We have James Thompson and Michael Bisping......who else? who could possibly win a title?
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