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Default Definition of 'Fit' ?

Definition of 'Fit' ?
Hey forum first post around here. Well first of all im 15 and i train usually 8-10 times a week which is pretty good. Technique wise im doing great and also strength wise. The problem kicks in here, i am somehow able intense without stopping like diamond pushups for a very long time and i dont rly find it a problem, i can do pullups and not find it a problem but recently a coach from TKO gym come over to our island and gave a couple of pro sessions and included me in it. I did everything as he said excellently then i did 2 rounds of pads.. after the first 2 mins of the first round i felt like falling.. i spoke to him about it and he said that i do train alot but im not 'Fit'.. can anyone give me any advice on how i can improve my endurance, im willing to do any type of exercises except altitude training since we go no mountains around here .. Thanks
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