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Default Re: Definition of 'Fit' ?

Originally Posted by Juxhin View Post
interval training, yes that just sounds like a good idea.. can you give me any example of how you do it? like 100m sprint 50m jog 25 m walk and repeat?
You can go for time or distance really. Roughly 1 minute works out about 400 m. I believe it should be mixed up. Focus on quality. For example try 400 m x 4 times, the 50 meters x 8 times. With the 50 m sprints i find jogging back to the start useful. With the 400 m I tend to rest for time. Try resting for 1 minute before the next sprint and try and get this rest time down as your fitness increases.

Another session could be 3 x 800 m and 5 x 100m. Just mix it up. I found it hard to get the right distances if you have a running track handy it would be really good.

I used to train on a park on a football (soccer pitch) One of my conditioning routines was

  • 4 times around the pitch (roughly 200m or so) 30 seconds rest inbetween
  • 8 times the length of the pitch (88m) 30 seconds rest
  • 16 times the width of the pitch (50m) jog back to the start

on the same session i would also do box jumps 3 x 1 minute and squat box jumps 3 x 1 minute with 30 seconds rest. It gave me alot of benifits work capacity wise HOWEVER i wouldnt do this all the time I think sometimes less is more as with this routine by the time your getting to the 50 m sprints and the box jumps quality starts to disappear.

Have a play around and find what works. Just dont do it one way all the time as everything has its benefits
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