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Default Re: Speed Bag Usefulness

Originally Posted by Stonehands89 View Post
The speed bag is anything but useless.

Boxing is a rythym sport too, and there isn't anything better than this tool to develop rythym (if you do it properly).

It teaches you to relax too. Don't buy it? Anyone who knows how to do it should try this: Next time you are very angry or anxious, get to the speed bag. You'll find that it forces you to relax to do it right. Now that's valuable. It teaches you to relax despite your feelings and to concentrate on the matter at hand. Fighters need that skill.

It also forces you to learn the technique until it becomes second nature, so that you can do it with your eyes closed -and that's what you want in the ring --you want your technique to become second nature, where you don't have to think about it.

It is also good to develop power, believe it or not. Forget the brutes wtih the overdeveloped pecs who slam it -power is enhanced through technique and the speed bag can help if you turn that wrist loosely at impact. I had an old-school trainer who told me that if you can do a short left hook/right cross combination on it and the bag freezes -that's perfect punching.

Trainer Al Certo had no speed bags in his gym. He believes that it was useless. I think he was wrong. Hell, his man Andrew Golota should have been on it 3 hours a day. It may have helped him and his demons.
FINALLY! someone wrote it up.. i just was waiting for the proper answer, lemme quote from one of the greatest boxers 'Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that's in rhythm or you're in trouble.
óRay Robinson'

Speed bag keeps the rhythm.. the first few times u calculate how many times it hits, second u hit slowly with one hand, third u start hitting fast with 1 hand, 4th u hit with both hands slowly etc. till you learn the rhythm so well u can hop on ur feet and swing side to side with a perfect timing.. the bag doesnt directly help you, it relaxes u and increase rhythm. You can do it with ur eyes closed cause use other senses, as soon as u hear the bag hit back u hit it again.. rhythm.. oh and it looks cool also
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