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Default Re: Speed Bag Usefulness

Originally Posted by Juxhin View Post
FINALLY! someone wrote it up.. i just was waiting for the proper answer, lemme quote from one of the greatest boxers 'Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that's in rhythm or you're in trouble.
—Ray Robinson'

Speed bag keeps the rhythm.. the first few times u calculate how many times it hits, second u hit slowly with one hand, third u start hitting fast with 1 hand, 4th u hit with both hands slowly etc. till you learn the rhythm so well u can hop on ur feet and swing side to side with a perfect timing.. the bag doesnt directly help you, it relaxes u and increase rhythm. You can do it with ur eyes closed cause use other senses, as soon as u hear the bag hit back u hit it again.. rhythm.. oh and it looks cool also
Um, this -

It doesn't matter much though when the technique doesn't translate to the ring.
i.e. I can learn to headbutt the speed bag in a rhythm, and to get the rhythm down I'd have to learn the technique, but who cares if that becomes second nature if I can't use it when I'm actually fighting?

By your logic, people that play musical instuments would be incredible boxers as they can maintain a rythym while doing something not related to actual boxing.
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