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Default Re: (spoilers) Nogueira vs Herring..

Originally Posted by boxingcar
I haven't seen the fight yet but from what I understand , Herring managed to knock down Nogueira and almost Koed him with a highkick? is that right?...
Heath hit him with a leg kick, and Nog fell backward onto his rump. He was in that awkward position with his legs elevated off the ground and his back at about a 30 degree angle with the ground. He was just sitting there all rigid, then Health fell on him with blows. Nog put his hand up to defend, but he ate a TON. The ref let it go (I'm not complaining, but I've seen that type of punishment lead to a stoppage about 99 percent of the time). Then Heath just stops raining down the blows and stands up. It looked like he wanted to knock out a wobbly Nog on his feet, but Nog made it through the round. Silly Texan.
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