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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
Exactly. You think if someone is going to permanently alienate themselves from serious posters and make themselves a constant target for ridicule by their adherence to some ancient recycled troll nonsense, then they'd make damn sure they were actually quite adept at said nonsense! On this evidence, MetalMandible doesn't even have much of a clue about the rationale behind his own lame, plagiarised gimmick!

Not a very good situation for him. G G E I F.
I haven't alienated myself from anyone. I generally participate in the conversation at hand and in an intelligent manner but from time to time, I feel that a bit of Chin Talk is in order, regardless of whether you like it or not. You could treat this thread like any other and tell me where you think I'm right or wrong but no, just because it's a Chinchecker special, you just have to shout "troll" and try and **** on the thread.

We're discussing young guys who I believe might have a Glass Jaw. Unlike my Glass Jaw rankings, I'm not sure about some of these and have merely taken a stab after reviewing video and seeing tendencies that can be tell-tale signs of a suspect Chin. If you weren't so intent on making sure that Chinchecking didn't catch on in your little private sanctuary, you might trouble yourself to tell me what prospects you feel may be lacking in the maxilla department.
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