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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
You're rubbish at "chinchecking" though. You make a joke of yourself by identifying yourself as one of this band of teenage ****wits, yet then name Jake Shields (1 stoppage loss in 32 pro fights) in your embarrassingly infantile 'Prospect Glass Jaw' Watch. If the head boy of the Chinchecking movement sees this nonsense, you'll probably be getting pink-slipped right out of the Chincheckers' tree-house meeting-place.
Jake Shields has never fought a striker who could keep it on the feet except for Hendo and GSP. We all know that Hendo often has trouble keeping it on the feet when he goes for broke on offense. It didn't exactly happen that way in this one as Hendo really just gassed himself but had that not happened he would have been crushed.

GSP just fought his now par for the course cowardly fight or he could have put him away. Instead he whiffed on overhands, threw ineffectual kicks (minus the one he dropped him with and refused to follow him down on), and jabbed incessantly.

He was hurt against Kampmann, hurt against Daley, hell, he gets hurt in nearly every fight but he's always fighting somebody that can't wrestle for ****. That will change now that he's in the UFC and I think there's a strong chance that Ellenberger might be the guy to do it. The guy does not have a good Chin, no matter how hard you may try to deny it.

You prove to me that these guys have Iron Beards and I will bow out of Chinchecking. Unfortunately, you can't do that because they've all been hit and hurt, most not by strong punchers.
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