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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by MetalMandible View Post
Sakara would have KOed Rivera. Not because he hits harder but because he actually has some boxing ability and would have been able to land something other than the occasional winging shot. Still, the guy nearly got the job done despite being utter trash on the feet.

Schaub/Nog was a ridiculous upset. If the fight was made again, I would probably still pick Schaub regardless of how ****ty his Chin is because Nogueira is still shot for all intents and purposes and he also possesses a Glass Mandible.

Lytle/Hardy, yes, I was simply wrong on that one as Lytle was too feather fisted to badly hurt him and Hardy's Chin wasn't as glassy as I once thought. He still got dropped and rocked by a BLOCKED kick, however, so I'm sure he'll redeem my pick for this one in the future.
Unless that intent and purpose if kicking Schaub's ass. Good thing Nog's beard can still stand up to Schaub's clean landing cross. I did tell you who was going to win, right?
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