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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Well explain to me this opening statement then?

Even if they get ko'd in the future, that doesnt mean your **** aptitude for finding who's Glass Jaw breaks, and I quote ''Next'' is cured

Maybe I should start a Retirement Checkers Team, and list the fighters I think will retire at any point in the future. Im pretty sure Id get every single one correct
It's not that hard to understand. You can't base Glass Jaw status upon one result whichever way it goes, you have to review their entire body of work AND the circumstantial evidence to make a judgement. These guys are Glass Jawed Jokes. Because they dodged a bullet and didn't have their glass shattered in the last few bouts doesn't mean that it isn't going to happen soon. Be patient, Stoopid.
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