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Default Re: Prospect Glass Jaw Watch

No need to get up set, Im only pointing out that you got 1 right and 2 wrong, and the one you had right didnt exactly need a ''Team Elite'' member to work out that outcome.

And the you guy who you said ''has a glass jaw but he's also shopworn'' made it to the end of the fight, but I guess we cant count that

And the Brit ate more than enough shots to prove his chin, or are you part of the ''those shots wouldnt a ko'd anybody'' crowd

And that your formula was woefully inadequate, and you may want to rethink it before you, and I quote ''bank on it'' next time

Now if you want to shoot the messenger with vulgar insults then I shall leave this thread gladly and spare you some PRIDE.

Hope you can come to terms that you are 1-3 though, there's nothing worse than a Glass Gimmick Denier who isnt even good at it

Good night Metal Mandribble, hopefully with a bit of time to reflect you can learn to take it on the chin
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