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Default Re: ChrisKim47's Training Log

Sorry for not keeping up my blog guys.

Currently this is my work out.

30 min stretch with 4 sets of 35 pushups
5 miles at 8 minute pace (on treadmill cause I don't wake up early)
4x20 DB rows 65 lb
4x20 close grip lat pull 115 lb
4x15 DB shoulder press 40 lb w situps in a 2 exercise circuit (4x100 incline or 4x40 weighted)
4x30 DB shrugs 65 lb
4x15 preacher curl 70 lb
4x15 DB hammer curls 45 lb w situps
some oblique situps and lower abs

I'll go to my boxing gym and do a few rounds 3 minutes each with 30 second break.
4x shadow boxing
-really work on popping and stepping with the jab, turning into my right hand, and pivoting back with the hook. I find when I throw my 1-2-3, I'll not throw a good right as I am thinking about the hook far too much. Same thing applies for a double jab and right. I will tend to throw a sloppy 2nd jab. Shadow boxing is a good way to make sure you are punching at the right height and with the right balance and technique

4-6 rounds on the heavybag
4 rounds on speedbag. I can almost do the full 4 at full speed non stop again.

If I have enough energy I'll take a round or two off and go back to the heavybag then speedbag. I'll finish up with the heavybag again cause I'm afraid to go more than 8 rounds on the speed bag. Will finish up with slow mo shadow boxing for a few rounds.

Which reminds me, I need to go buy a rope.

Good luck guys.
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