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Default Re: Will Seth Mitchell be another Mike Tyson??

Originally Posted by carlosg815 View Post
So Seth Mitchell has earned the right to be in the same sentence as the great Sonny Liston?

Come on, guys. The guy is a bum. He can't beat either K brother and he loses to any top contender and every great fighter and every contender of the past.

Every guy who fights with his hands up and has a stocky build is not the next Mike Tyson.

A guy like Chakhiev who is much smaller would knock him out. He's closer to a Tyson than Mitchell is. I remember watching Mitchell on FnF and just thinking how bad the hw division is because of guys like him.

At this point he is a BUM.
Why are you always so ****ing oversensitive. It was a style comparison dude, nothing more nothing less. Did I make any statements about his quality of a fighter being on that level? Absolutely not, so get your panties out of a twist please.

A 'bum' is the kind of guy that Mitchell and Wilder are knocking out right now, cans, guys with no future who you can't even really call journeymen and exist solely for record padding. Mitchell is obviously an alright talent even if he won't pan out to be much due to inexperience and age in the grand scheme. But he probably still has some fun fights. Either way he's not a bum, you clearly don't know how to use that word correctly.

I have no idea why you always feel the need to explode in every topic if your sensibilities get a little frazzled. Chill the **** out.
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