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Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
I voted Other.

Jones's Performance: Superb, much like Mir's win over Nogueira was superb. You can only beat what's in front of you, and Jones did that in dominant and impressive fashion with brilliant striking and brutal takedowns, top control and GnP.

Jones's win: This I can't rate so highly, so I'd say merely good, because any win over a fighter of Rua's calibre has some value. However, I've seen how ****ty Shogun has looked before when he's coming off lay-offs or not fully fit (see Griffin 1, Coleman, etc), and even before that fight I was concerned about the long lay-off due to surgery, as well as his poorer than normal physical cut at the weigh-in and in the Octagon. I think the version of Shogun that night was rusty, sluggish, and out of shape. Would Jones have crushed a peak fitness and sharpness Rua? Maybe. I hope Shogun earns another title shot soon so we can find out for sure, because he was NOT the best he could be that night, not at all.
Velsaquez vs Lesnar was similarly stunning, btw. Absolute destruction.

But for some reason, the beating Jones gave Rua seemed worse to me. I remember myself thinking 'wtf Jones is playing with this guy, it's like he's deliberately not finishing him so he can punish him some more', while in the Cain vs Brock fight Cain was like a programmed machine, taking 100% advantage of every mistake Lesnar did.

I agreed that Rua was definitely not 100%, but the way you present it takes away much credit from Jones' win and I feel this is wrong. Noone came even close to doing THAT to Shogun ever before, even after lay-offs and/or injuries. That fight proved to me that Jones simply has Rua's number. And we all know how good Rua is, hence why imo Jones' win was huge, especially in the utterly dominant fashion it came.
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