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Default Re: Will Seth Mitchell be another Mike Tyson??

I have been pretty high on Mitchell for a while.
Other than the black trunks and shoes without socks. Seth Mitchell is not Mike Tyson. This is not saying he won't be good. My opinion of Mitchell is that he will win more often a lot more often than he loses when he gets to the top level. He's a work in progress getting his start in boxing later than most top boxers do. I do belive his backgtound playing major college football benfits him. It shows he has athletic abillity which is important for every sport and he has preformed in front of large 100,000 crowds.
He's agresive, uses his jab and has decent defense. He also comes to his fights in decent fights. He's the bet American Heavyweight prospect, posibilly the best Heavyweight prospect in the world.
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