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Default Re: ChrisKim47's Training Log

So watched the gamboa fight. Pretty good, I learned a lot watching the cyclone fighting a southpaw. Its pretty amazing watching him skip around, and just feint with his feet. Definately always has an escape plan, fking beautiful.

Found out I won't be fighting in the tournament next weekend. Trainer says I need to spar more. I still plan on just improving everything, except my running. I've gotten comfortable with running 5 miles in 40 minutes, after my 3rd go at it. I stretch 30 minutes before and after my run, and my feet are being whiny beaches. I can't stand on the ball of my left foot. I plan on getting two small trashcans today and buying ice on the regular to ice them down. Also will buy a speed rope and incorporate it into my workout when I'm ready.

Can I kick it? Yes you can.
Good luck guys.
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