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Default Re: ~~~~~~~~~~ Klitschko Land ~~~~~~~~~~

Originally Posted by Hercegovac View Post
You must have missed the part where I said 'amongst'.

So you were born in 1969, and I doubt you watched boxing as a toddler/little kid, so lets say at age 13. So you are telling me from 1981 til now you can name me 5 better boxers than the klitschkos? I can see you saying Holyfield, Tyson, and Lewis, but anyone else would be a stretch.
Holmes and Ali were the first. Tyson,Holyfied and Lewis goes without saying.

Just look at the K Bros resume and make a case for them being atgs,there isn`t a decent win against a great opponent in nearly 100 fights between them.

The only stand out name is Lennox Lewis at the end of his career,out of shape and that was a loss as he punched Vitalis face until it was hanging off.
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