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Default Re: ~~~~~~~~~~ Klitschko Land ~~~~~~~~~~

Originally Posted by p4pBute View Post
This is funny i will give the OP that

But ahead in fight, that deserved a rematch is claim of the fans make (such as my self), a fight that one punch cause a massive cut, but that punch as most expert agree save lewis a lost he would of not advenged, an i am sure, an stop on cuts is much lower victory when your down on the score cards vs KO when your down on the cards IMO.

Sanders had a blazing left hand, ATG speed for a lefty, but not a ATG lefty. Keep that in mind, i wlad took him less lightly i sure sanders would of been gone by the 5th....

Loved the pictures thoe,
honest post
good assessment. while i dont agree with everything there i can certainly see your point
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