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Default Re: Larry Donald, 44, is making a comeback now..

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post

There are 2 ATG HW's fighting today. 1 is Doctor Wladimir Klitschko. The other, Doctor Vitali Klitschko.

It's not their size. It's not their raw power. It's not their defense, and it's not their styles. It's the combinations of all those factors in which they make their opponents looks like novices and worse than they really are.

Aside from them, there are about 15 or so fighters who have 2, maybe 3, of those same intangibles that the K2 have. Size, power, speed, defense, ring generalship. Welliver, Wach, and Rodriguez are 3 of those guys. And NO ONE will fight them because they do.

Helenius is the NEXT dominant HW champ, and will prbably be the first UNDISPUTED HW champ since Lewis. Not because he is so much better than the rest of the division, which he is, but because his mgmt gets him the fights he needs to maintain his ranking, and so long as he avoids the unstoppable K2, he'll quietly await their retirement then presume to kTFO of any and all comers en route to his UNDISPUTED title.

The problem I have, and the reason for my latest Rodriguez nuthugger bandwagon is not b/c I think he's the next great HW. I know that is Helenius, and have known it was Helenius since his destruction of Scotty Gammer, but b/c no one will fight these 3 guys. Wach, Welliver, and Rodriguez. And it sickens me to know that the Boystovs, the Fury's, the Arreolas, and the Rahmans will continue to get spoonfed opposition between losses or breaks, while maintaining their relative rankings.

Welliver, Wach, and Rodriguez, however, are criticized for fighting the Firthas, Polleys, Estradas, and Maddalones though, when those journeymen are the only guys who answer their calls.

Good post and that is exactly the case with the division right now.

And it has been for a long long time. Risk versus reward type matchmaking and lots of fights fans would enjoy are simply not made. Excitement for boxing fans has become about priority number 12 in the scheme of things to managers and networks. And just where are they without us? Is the stigma of a loss really that bad? Just how often do we really see a heavyweight fight where it is a big risk and a match where a good fighter is going to win and a good fighter is going to lose?

This rears its head with the old names still around as well. Why not have the McCalls/Holyfield/Tua/Rahman fight each other? They just dig up opponents and I guess next we'll get one of those guys to get Maskaev/Alex Stewart to come out of retirement and somehow parley a victory over that guy to title shot consideration. What they do not do is fight youth and reflexes nor a big puncher.
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